Track and field inferior amount of a list of names posted up of gold of China of bright and beautiful contest in all 9: Man 2 women 7

Today before dawn, by a definite date 4 days 2019 track and field inferior bright and beautiful contest with a ha rings down the curtain more in Qatar, chinese track team wins 9 gold in all 13 silver 7 copper, list head name with 29 award memorial tablet. But go up in gold number, chinese team lags behind at acquiring the Bahrain line of 11 gold.

In go out for a battle inferior of bright and beautiful contest arouse on congress, cropland is in charge of central director Yu Hongchen to ever expressed, chinese track team should be in inferior position of overlord of Asia of the defend on bright and beautiful contest, on gold number, medal number, be sure to come true double the first. From the point of final match result, the target of Chinese 上海千花网龙凤论坛

track team completed an in part only.

Female team play stabilizes male team to win 2 gold only

The India two years ago infer上海夜网论坛

ior bright and beautiful contest, amphitryon India holds head name with 12 gold, the Chinese team that did not expedite total main force with 8 gold arrange second place; 2018 Jakarta Asia Game, china and Bahrain all win 12 gold, enumerate an advantage by right of m爱上海同城

edal, chinese group reluctance holds Asian overlord position; Current inferior bright and beautiful contest, in integral project change not big case falls, chinese t阿拉爱上海同城

eam wins 9 gold in all, among them man 2, woman 7.

Will tell from the angle of oneself, woman respect, chinese team develops stability, carry off in all 7 gold 8 silver 3 copper, especially the cast group that Gong Lijiao presents as leading role, be without be concerned about to undertake the whole thing woman shot, discus, hammer, javelin 4 gold, on project of relay of rice of high jump of woman stay bar, long jump, 4 100, chinese group is same behead wins gold.

Man respect, as a result of Su Bingtian, Wang Yu, Wang Jia male wait for famous general absent, chinese team vacates the opportunity seizing gold of par上海千花网论坛

tial advantage project, add violate compasses be cancelled achievement, male team wins 2 gold finally only, the man that is course of study thanking shake respectively 200 meters of gold and the man that thank Wen Jun gold of 110 meters of column.

Overlord of middle-distance race of Asia of Bahrain feel no regret

Gesangciren of coach of middle-distance race of Chinese track team ever was in before go out for a battle arouse the analysis on congress, this year on the west inferior team nationalization athlete is more, the standard is relative taller, we the difficulty that each project seizes gold is greater. The fact proves, on partial project, be a delegate with Bahrain on the west inferior team really the advantage is clear.

Especially on middle-distance race project, bahrain team is shown piece extremely bloodcurdling is regnant force, undertook the whole thing man 3000 meters of 1500 rice, obstacles, mix 10000 meters 5000 meters 4 gold; Besides the woman 1500 meters of gold are obtained by Indian player, bahrain woman player is same rice and bursa of 3000 meters of obstacles, 5000 10000 meters of 3 gold income in.


s 7 gold that middle-distance race project wins, bahrain team has very large dominant position likewise on dash project. Although was not obtained,contain the woman with highest Troy 100 meters of gold, but guide in what famous general accept surpasses Er below, bahrain team wins a woman early or late 200 rice, women 400 meters of relay and man mix 400 rice, women 400 meters relay 4 gold.

New capital signs up for reporter Xu Bangyin

Original title: Female will hit ” cast ” blast male team only 2 coronals, track and field inferior 9 gold of China of bright and beautiful contest are defeated by Bahrain responsibility editor: Li Xiaoling

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