Championship of volleyball of woman of 2017 whole nations rings down the curtain Shanghai light actors or actress times women’s volleyball seizes a gold

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work on July 26 report on July 25, in the intense heat of summer that in successive much weather Wen Chao spends 40 Celsius, championship of countrywide woman volleyball received day of the last race 2017, shanghai light actors or actress contest of group of classics of all previous of times women’s volleyball, quarterfinal, semifinal, final, behead of one road pass a test, won the championship of current championship上海贵族宝贝交流区

finally. This also is Shanghai women’s volleyball with ” bright ” first champion that after be a name, carries off, actor or actress for Shanghai light club of times women’s volleyball greeted make a good beginning.


onship of this volleyball of woman of second whole nation shares 12 detachment five to take part in the match, shanghai light actors or actress times women’s volleyball and Beijing women’s volleyball enter finals finally by right of actual strength. In group contest, beijing women’s volleyball although 2:3Not enemy Shanghai women’s volleyball, but their attack prevent actual strength still cannot small gaze. When finals, two teams again engage in a battle, shanghai light actors or actress times women’s volleyball is comprehensive place troops on garrison duty, much dot blossoms, restrain adversary. Be worth what carry is, the 4th bureau begins before long, captain Zhang Yichan flies to the accident when the ball outside match field area to get hurt in main rush to save life and property, but she still takes an injury to return competition ground to insist to make whole field, won the applause with enthusiastic full-co上海龙凤论坛

urt. Make a game, shanghai light actor上海千花网论坛

s or actress the girls of times women’s volleyball horsepower a standard-sized sheet, aggression is decisive, defend tenacious, final with 3: Women’s volleyball of 1 conquer Beijing, stood successfully the champion of championship of countrywide women’s volleyball got award platform 2017.

This year in August, thirteenth final of the national games will be in Tianjin start shooting, regard large-scale of the last time before the national games as nationwide contest, shanghai light actors or actress times women’s volleyball takes the place of with contest during championship experienced, adjust a battle array, expect Shanghai women’s volleyball catchs beautiful performance again on the competition ground of the national games.

Lunar Shanghai light actors or actress club of times woman volleyball just uncovered a card to hold water on, gain the championship smoothly this month. This breed上海夜网论坛

s to light course of study, it is make a good beginning undoubtedly, enlarge the force that bright brand is in the area beyond Hua Dong further. 2016, bright milk industry and Chinese women’s volleyball sign strategic cooperation agreement, olympic Games of women’s volleyball of China of of the same age gains the championship; This Shanghai light actors or actress times women’s volleyball seeks hegemony championship of countrywide woman volleyball, must say view of bright milk industry is original, market sale and confluence of sports facilities innovation, nod to be cut with sports sale, adamantine the road that walks out of innovation sale, obtain favorable result.

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