To Gu Geyun the intermediary outside game platform Stadia raised these question

Stadia of platform of Gu Geyun game, one lets a player use low 上海千花网论坛

end only equipment is strung together with respect to what can enjoy contemporary 3A game shed a service, produce the game entertainment to future the effect. Imagine so a world: Your game experiences and won’t be restricted by oneself hardware place, in needing to click a link to be able to enter game only. Sound too good, is the feeling true? To Gu Ge Stadia, intermediary Polygon has outside the following 4 problems. 1. What does Gu Ge Stadia need a player to pay? The means that Gu Ge Stadia overturned to traditional game is bought and be sold. If you are strung together in Stadia,shed amuse oneself this game, so ar新上海贵族宝贝论坛

e oneself have or rent? If do not need to buy any hardware, how does the service collect fees? Be the form of subscription or one-time consumption? The price of Stadia handle how many? If develop business to stopped to support, so how do these game do? For contrast, the subscription of 上海龙凤论坛

Microsoft serves Xbox Game Pass, collect fees every months 9.99 dollars, can let your amuse oneself more than 100 game. Of course the XGP need player of Microsoft buys Xbox One lead plane. So whether can the price of Stadia retain competition ability to the XGP of Microsoft? 2. The web with much more expensive need of Gu Ge Stadia fast? Although hardware is not a problem, but the network that needs according to place fast, have all sorts of potential logistic problems. The player of remote region, these player nets fast not stable, whether can they also enjoy Stadia? To average player, whether does Stadia need very expensive web fast? Stadia brings the network supplier that gives place how old pressure, bring about must speed limit? Actually, have even wireless handle delay, more never mention it the happiness of Stadia is affirmatory. All long-term latent capacity that these sealed elements destroy Stadia likely. 3. What game can land Stadia to be on the news briefing, gu Ge basically emphasized Stadia stringing together those who shed a service all sorts of likelihoods, but landing game to go up, of cereal song divulge not much, the government states they will be in a hair battle array that the summer announces Stadia this year. Apparent, ” assassin credo: Odyssey ” , ” destroy a soldier: Lasting ” , q-Games is made newly with what Tequila Works makes is among them one part, but do manufacturer of clear and other sport very hard to will allow what game to land, especially Stadia is issued when the case that makes a competitor by them. Although be done no longer,molopolized, but Where is Suo Ni and Ren Tiantang? Does game transplanting arrive Stadia whether very difficult? We know Gu Ge still established his recreation department, develop exclusive game for Stadia likely, but not was worth too heated issue at present. 4. Gu Ge how integrated YouTube? A lot of great ambition of Stadia are concerned with YouTube, youTube does not calculate good in foreign public praise, classics regular meeting gets negative opinion. Staida will allow YouTube audience people the content that can be close to them to like more sta上海龙凤论坛sh1f

rts writers, so the issue came: Who can be allowed to use? When the player examines a strategy, what channe上海贵族宝贝

l will Stadia recommend? I上海千花网

f be the game that makes for dot, whether can Stadia have to the use of YouTube different?

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