See animation city enjoy 4 drive car! Memory of your a lot of childhood is here

As the progress of our science and technology, we saw the children of without number is playing computer game, taking Ipad, but in our very much popular feeling, have however so a few the feelings when, how to also forget to be not dropped however, the author comes to everybody today check, when, our unforgettable dot nods memory.

Want to tell us to have the crayon that you send quickly, painted a picture express delivery gives you, the extremely that tells us quickly remembers with concern, again remote region concerns without what, my heart is put over you, my heart is put over you.

Do not know audience old man has what can sing a tune, if can singing a tune, you expose the age really, 1999, travel notes head is sowed on the west, one of 4 big famous book of this China the novel is in ” be troubled by heavenly palace greatly ” later, animation complete works appears formally, believe to be in at that time, this is absolutely after school the biggest eat. Now nowadays, of the manufacture in a rough way that looks at without number travel notes game and specially good effect dazzle on the west the 3D film of cruel, find a sense very hard really, one of childhood yearnings.

[what demons and ghosts, what belle disguise or mask of an evildoer, what most dangerous places, what trap crafty plot, do not block piercing eye flexibly club, government of convoy division person goes on the west]

If above if everybody still can say travel notes to had not looked on the west, I believe this cartoon can say is nobody do not know nobody not dawn, a cartoon of 13 class paper-cut that manufactured by Shanghai art film studio 1986. The brother with 7 powerful competence helps the grandfather’s story, show the view that calabash child helps a grandfather nowadays to be applied extensively at MOBA kind in game explanation, carelessness is not collective action, by each checkmate ” calabash brother ” one of delegate work that regard Chinese animation as period of the 2nd prosperity, what had become Chinese animation up to now is classical.

[those who run quickly to happiness tomorrow, magical super- change especially express, fleet in square field, our iron but train a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, run quickly ceaselessly to distance forever in this future]

Japan introduces move free, began to show in home 2000, the hero of the story is snow of sagacious of high school student and Mi Naya at the same time, it is a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of iron bravery train such as the hope date that heads with doctoral name, sunshine date at the same time. But, a dark army group that heads with fast demon number one however everywhere special with their oppose, cartoon story is humorous, clue insecurity, like by broad adolescent, the most important is, this theme Qu Ting rises to chatter all over simply ah have wood.

[wear channel to spend wall first sight of morning with respect to forwardly, ahead advancement is ongoing, change personally a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of train of train of body iron bravery! ! Train a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct! ! ]

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