” Maffia 3 ” brand-new video announces the brigade that experiences new Boerduo drives

2K of not long ago gave off a paragraph for us brand-new ” Maffia 3 ” conduct propaganda piece, experience the pleasure that drives to run quickly madly in new Boerduo together.

If do not have mad tough street angle fight, so how can be Maffia called again Maffia? In this game, 2K Games was designed outside various weapon and wonderful warfare system quite true car and drive car experience. With game advocate for achieved word, ” Maffia 3 ” each medium car can let you feel what weight has qualitative feeling to this is carry. And new Boerduo is ” Maffia 3 ” a medium city, was full of antiquated but attractive France style. Driving so car of an old style runs quickly madly in street, whether are you also experienced ” Maffia 3 ” glamour?

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