” does dragon vacate a century ” make newly should come? Series producer releases mysterious video

” dragon vacates a century ” the video that series producer Mark Darrah shared a special mystery on Twitter now, the caption of video is: Oh, what is this? Oh, feel sorry. Allude and make newly about.

This video has short 13 seconds only, a Red Data Book is after opening, cover is a castle it seems that + the combination of a wolf. After opening, we see be restricted only interior is used, bioware/EA is all. It is these content next, other did not have.

Apparent, darrah is about to have new play to announce in the suggestion. Before long he goes up in Twitter before to vermicelli made from bean starch people made an investigation, ask to whether have fun at play a bout to make, tactics kind ” Long Teng century ” game. For all that, but at present we still cannot decide even if, after all this is an informal investigation only, the government has not decided formally.

Feburary 2015, EA CFO expresses ” Long Teng century ” series still has very large development space, but he did not affirm whether to have make newly already developing. If ” Long Teng century ” make the word that should announce newly, so fixed on the EA Play that is this year.

Return before BioWare ever divulge a new mysterious 3A play, also be a RPG, and the picture rivals 2017 ” quality effect: Andromeda ” . Do not cross this to make a story newly happen in contemporary society, because this is unlikely,be what allude above Darrah is new make.

EA Play will at Beijing time was on June 13 began at 4 o’clock in the morning, ended at 5 o’clock. Entering the game that postpone exclusively certainly at present is ” peaceful calm fall from the sky 2 ” . ” dragon vacates a century ” a recent game is ” Long Teng century: Adjudgement ” , on November 18, 2014 put on sale, the year game that also was 2014.

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