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Leek noodle serves as the noodle that burden is made and becomes one kind with leek namely, also be a kind of noodle that a lot of people like to eat. The taste of leek noodle is very good, of course, in make, also have a lot of kinds of methods. Different honest legal system makes legal leek noodle, also put in the difference with particular move in taste respect. Below, introduce the cooking method of a few kinds of commonner leek noodle for everybody!

Leek leaves the way of noodle

One, leek noodle

1, abluent leek makes an appointment with 20 grams, the leek of take out head is white, leave leaf mincing.

2, add water of about 120 grams, hit into juice with arrange machine.

3, take juice of 120 grams leek, join oneShanghai Long Feng forum

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Egg, 2 grams salt, agitate comes loose.

4, enter 300 grams flour, become batt state with chopstick agitate.

5, knead smooth dough again. Wake make an appointment with 30-60 minute.

6, take, knead again.

7, cut you wantLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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heft, become chip with rolling pole roll.

8, two sides wipes flour to prevent stick.

9, come with noodle machine extrude. Or fold is become 4 fold, cut with the knife fine.

10, water is burned, join noodle to be boiled, add half bowls of cold water to be boiled again.

11, fish out comes, cross cold boiled water.

12, drench on fleshy sauce. Want to eat noodles in soup, direct Jiashangli went.

2, the practice that farmhouse leek egg scoops up noodle

1. leek, green is washed clean, hand roll face is range of bought copy hand roll, above the sort of noodle that has starch of a lot of corn, leek green cuts paragraphs small.

Near the leek that 2. has cut and green big bowlFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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In, put essence of salt, chicken to reserve.

Leek leaves the way of noodle

3. egg infiltrates the agitate inside the bowl comes loose, boiled water is heated inside boiler, enter egg fluid (water burns a dot more, issue noodle with it even a little while) .

4. egg fluid is met immediately float rises, look at all and caky ripe, will be put in leek bowl with a bamboo fish out.

5. enters right amount boiled water, stew of the cap on the lid (must build top, leek is unripe, cover tightly so ripe, still have thick leek sweet smell) .

6. issues noodle to thoroughly cook, fish out crosses cold water 3 times two.

7. leek is put in egg soupForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Right amount balm, mature vinegar.

8. agitate divide evenly is OK, when eating, irrigate soup on noodle can.

3, the way that leek egg makes bittern range

Leek has been washed, chop is broken, break better more.

Egg break up, add cooking wine, water, agitate divide evenly (with the chopstick to agitate of a direction) . Shanghai noble baby

Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net
Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Heat is oily, the egg is fried after breaking, multiply piece.

Leek leaves the way of noodle

Heat up oil again, issue leek, conflagration breaks up fry, add a few white sugar, unripe smoke, salt, pink of Chinese prickly ash, add the egg that has fried.

Transfer into water is amylaceous, receive juice can.

The face that boil: Boiling water of fine dried noodles puts bowl in, boil to face soft fish out, drop works, strong cool, cross hot water again.

Bittern child irrigate a face to go up can.

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