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Urethritis is a kind of commonner inflammation, happen on micturition system organ. Urethral infection can affect people to excrete a function normally, urethritis also is something of need avoid certain food during cure, the egg is the food that contains rich protein, because the egg can cause a few diseases serious, so people can have an egg to whether can accentuate questioningly the illness of urethritis, below specific sayA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Bright can urethritis eat an egg?

Can urethritis eat an egg

Sufferring from urethritis can eat an egg, the egg does not have what influence to urethritis, and rich protein is contained inside the egg, have a few helps to the extensive resume a session of urethritis, return OK and proper much egg taking a place at ordinary times so, everyday one is best.

Can urethritis eat an egg

Urethritis food note:

1, much drink water

Urethritis patient must drink water more, in order to increase uric amount, can be rinsed already and clean and urethral can outside the body of metabolization child eduction medicaments, reduce the noxiousness of medicaments. Forum of Shanghai night net

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2, diet is acrimony exciting content

These food can make uric road stimulates accentuation, dysuria, some causes urethral lipstick even swollen, still can make inflammation place fills hematic gall.

3, diet bilges the content of gas

Bilge angry content includes milk, soya-bean milk, sucrose, uric road infection often appears alvine bilge to feel deeply, and abdomen bilges fullFall in love with the sea

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Often make micturition more difficult.

4, diet hair content

Flesh of the head that be like a pig, chicken, dawdle, hairtail, crab, bamboo shoot, peach, have the effect of aggravating illness to inflammation, so diet.

Can urethritis eat an egg

How does urethritis treat:

1, antibiotic applies

The medicaments sort that is used at cure at present is various, the sensitivity that should reach pair of medicaments according to the sort of bacterium of cause of disease has specific aim ground to choose 2 ~ 3 kinds of medicaments combine application, curative effect is better. Wait for a symptom to disappear completely, 7 ~ should last 10 days to just can stop drug with medicine after uric fluid checks negative of normal, germiculture.

2, assist cure

Acute period should water more, in order to increase uric amount, right urethral have rinse actionForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
. Frequent micturition, make water is reached urgently when make water is painful, can take spasmolysis medicaments, and all sorts of inducement that eliminate causes urethritis. The gender is pestiferous the urethritis of be caused by, answer to be treated at the same time with the spouseA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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, cure hard otherwise.

3, local treat

Apply to a gleet, acute period is no-no. Art of ① urethral dilate. ② is urethral inside perfusion medicaments. Report of the lens inside ③Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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