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Everybody most the method that often makes kelp takes kelp to make kelp soup namely, be in a few areas especially, kelp soup is having very special implied meaning, in life day when be to must want to drink boiling water of on one bowl of kelp, representing health and long-lived 100 years old. Sea kelp still has additionally one kind of way, it is silk of kelp of cold and dressed with sause, actually kelp still has a special gay getting a person to eat law short kelp, so is the practice of short kelp what kind of?

 The practice of short kelp

Cate raw material

Water sends kelp 300 grams, green 250 grams, sesame oil 30 grams, vinegar 8 grams, white sugar 20 grams, soy 10 grams.

Cate practice

1, kelp abluent, the lozenge that cuts 2 centimeters piece, green cuts 2 centimeters paragraph.

2, mat of the bamboo on the mat inside arenaceous boiler, in putting kelp, green Chinese onion arenaceous bowl together, add soy, white sugar, vinegar and a few boiled water, sesame oil is added after suffer from excessive internal heat burns boil, build boil with small fire stew, to kelp, green all soft when, conflagration receives stiff soup juice on, outfit having pot dish become namely.

Cooking key

Arenaceous boiler bottom wants mat of the bamboo on mat, prevent kelp to stick a bottom. Should use small fire stew to boil to crisp sodden. If use rice, soup juice Yi Nong is stiff, kelp is not crisp.

The method that make 2

Raw material does kelp 1500 grams fat pork 500 grams soy 50 grams vinegar 50 grams white sugar 100 grams balm 30 grams gourmet powder 5 grams garlic 50 grams cooking wine 40 Ke Cong paragraph 100 grams Jiang Pian 50 grams of 100 grams refined salt

 The practice of short kelp

Cook a method

1. puts kelp into big basin, join boiled water to immerse, go up when sending 5 kilogram to control, rinse twice with clear water stand-by. Cut green paragraph, ginger section, garlic decorticates stand-by.

2. cuts fat pork 7 centimeters 1 centimeter wide, long cutlet. Spread kelp on chopping board, the cutlet that has cut is put above, next diameter of kelp roll into a 4 centimeters poem with.

3. brushs boiler clean, boiler bottom puts bamboo bamboo comb, coil kelp its get on buy, had piled up to put an onion paragraph, Jiang Pian, clean garlic, altogether code puts 3 ~ 4, most the Chinese cabbage on a lid is helped, nextLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Enter candy, gourmet powder, refined salt, soy, cooking wine, vinegar, balm boiler inside. The size that presses boiler again puts on soup, it is advisable to coil in order to had done not have kelp, build severe boiler next, place burn on fire, reoccupy small fire stews 6 hours left and right sides, below the destroy when waiting for Shang Kuai to work, can take out after air is cool.

Before 4. edible, coil kelp the wafer that cuts 0.5 centimeters or so, the code is put in dish in, can feed.

Craft key

When 1. kelp hair is made, cannot send had made big, otherwise not loose.

2. boiler bottom must fill up bamboo fine-toothed comb, otherwise kelp coils to paper boiler easily, influence quality. Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city

3. kelp coils when the flesh, must coil close, otherwise fat Yi Hehai takes depart.

Gust characteristic

Deep palm of colour and lustre is Brown, small acid of taste Xian Tian, character is loose and goluptious. Meal of this food alcoholic drinkShanghai Long Feng forum

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All appropriate.

Nutrient value

Kelp is the vegetable with very high value of a kind of nutrition, contain in dry kelp of every 100 grams: Thick albumen 8.2 grams, adipose 0.1 grams, candy 57 grams, crude fibre 9.8 grams, inorganic salt 12.9 grams, calcic 2.25 grams, iron 0.15 grams, and carotene 0.57 milligram, sulfur amine element (vitamin B1)0.69 milligram, riboflavin (vitamin B2)0.36 milligram, nick is acerbity 16 milligram, can give out 262 kilocalorie quantity of heat. Compare with photograph of spinach, cole, outside dividing vitamin C, its are thick the content of albumen, candy, calcic, iron all tower above is severalfold, a few times.

Kelp is a kind of quantity that contain iodine very tall algal, contain iodine commonly 5 ‰ of 3 ~ , can amount to 7 ~ more 10 ‰ , the iodic person physical ability in kelp is absorbed directly. From which the iodine that obtain through refining gets and brown alga acid, apply extensively at medicine, food and chemical industry. Iodine is human body must one of elements, the meeting that be short of iodine suffers from strumous big, feed kelp to be able to prevent and cure more this is ill, still can prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce the accumulation of cholesterol and fat. Feed kelp to be able to cause iodic Jia Kang too much. Although iodic agent can control thyroid element release, but the synthesis that cannot control thyroid element, reason uses iodic agent for a long time, yu Jiakang is adverse.

Salt of acerbity natrium of the brown alga in kelp has the action; that prevents painful disease of leukaemia and bone to bleed to also have hemostatic effect to artery, profess to convinced can reduce radioelement Strontium – the 90 absorption inside alvine path. Brown alga acerbity natrium has step-down effect. Kelp starch has the effect that reduces hematic fat. The content of a kind of extraction that still discovers kelp has the effect that fight cancer. Kelp manna alcohol is right glaucoma of encephalitis of sex of oedema of decline of function of remedial acute kidney, head, second, acute is effective. Taste empty is cold person little edible.

 The practice of short kelp


In sea alga food, kelp has the effect of easy liver regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, liver and sexual function are having affinityLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
, on one hand, liver advocate affection annals, affection is annals understand, only angry machine is smooth, person ability produces sexual desire normally and finish sexual activity; on the other hand, liver advocate blood, liver blood is enough, ability fills minute of ground supply penis, maintain its erect and strong. Tell from component, some polysaccharide and alcohol are contained in kelp kind, they have the effect that combats cruor, have profit to hemal endodermis cell, can prevent sclerosis of arterial congee appearance, decrease thereby erect the happening of functional obstacleLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city

Contain in kelp of a lot of basic ingredient, the kelp element that place of kelp of helpful to balance of the soda acid inside body; contains hasShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Move the effect that removes hematic fat, can make blood medium cholesterol content is reduced greatly, vitriolic fat is kelp starch is carbohydrate material normally, also can have fall the effect of hematic fat, have profit to preventing cardiovascular disease so.

The nutrition of kelp is very rich, contain the human body such as alcohol of iodic, iron, calcic, manna, carotene needs part. Dietotherapy expert introduces: In cold winter, kelp still has the effect that prevents cold Zhuang Yang.

From angle of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for, briny sex is belonged to gloomy and cold cold cool, grow hereat kelp itself is had extremely strong fight cold ability. Kelp sex flavour is salty, long-term edible still has the effect that lukewarm filling kidney enrages. Consequently, winter edible kelp, can enhance human body fight action of cold He Zhuangyang.

Additional, the person is afraid of cold absorb with airframe certain mineral concern lesser. How many what if calcium is contained inside human body,measure, iron is short of to often be behaved in can affecting cardiac muscle, blood-vessel and sarcous retractility and stimulant; blood directly to produce quantity of heat little, temperature is low. Accordingly, complement contains a lot ofthe food of calcium and iron to be able to increase the drive cold capacity of airframe. And kelp is the treasury that the mankind shoots calcic, iron. Calcium is contained to be as high as 1177 milligram in kelp of every 100 grams, contain iron to be as high as 150 milligram, eat kelp to all have main sanitarian effect to children, woman and old people in the winter so.

Kelp contains iodine to abound, and iodine can promote thyroid element to secrete, produce quantity of heat. The microelement iodine that general adult needs is 150 microgramme left and right sides, and in 100 grams kelp, contain iodine unexpectedly 240 milligram.

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