[it how long is OK to eat an egg take medicine] – of time interval of _ of _ food contraindication

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The egg is a kind of food with nutrient very high value, contain human body necessary a variety of mineral, on medicineShanghai night net

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A lot of people can take the egg regard as a kind of food that is without photograph gram eats, some people eat an egg still is to assure healthy, the food that has a lot of actually alsoForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Have a lot of contraindication, do not take medicine for instance after eating an egg instantly this is also do not take candy immediately, these are the reasons that have contraindication.

 It how long is OK to eat an egg take medicine

1, candy does not take instantly after eating an egg

The egg can not follow gourmet powder to be boiled together, believe a lot of housewife are already witting. But you may not know, after cannot be boiled in order to follow candy one case or eating an egg, the egg takes candy also is no good. A lot of places have the habit that has syrup poached eggs, actually, this also is incorrect!

Reason: The amino acid that the union of candy and egg can make egg protein medium forms the combinative other people of fructose radical lysine. And this kind of material is absorbed not easily by human body, can produce undesirable effect to healthy meeting so.

2, persimmon does not eat instantly after eating an egg

Persimmon eats to be able to get bromatoxism gently after eating an egg, general principles can be brought about urgent1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Sexual gastroenteritis still has lobar stone. Generally speaking, these two kinds of foodFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Eat at the same time can bring about above to spit, the acute gastroenteritis symptom that next have diarrhoea, bellyacke gives priority to. If take time,be so inside 1-2 hour, can use queasy method.

Take salt 20g to add boiled water 200ml to dissolve instantly, refrigeration hind is drunk below, if be not spat, can drink a few times more, promote vomiting quickly. Dolly of usable perhaps bright ginger takes juice to use Wenshui take medicine with water. If take time longer, take some of cathartic to eliminate toxic substance put oneself in another’s position as soon as possible inside.

 It how long is OK to eat an egg take medicine

3, soya-bean milk is not drunk instantly after eating an egg

Everyday in the morning, the metropolis that does mom prepares breakfast meticulously for the child. Hope child can get enough nutrition in early morning. So a lot of mom can be in soya-bean milk infiltrate frangipani. Perhaps let the child use soya-bean milk satisfy one’s thirst after the child eats an egg. Actually, alone and drinkable the soya-bean milk that has very powerful nourishing effect contains a kind of special material to call trypsin, the photograph of egg loose protein in it and egg white is united in wedlock, can cause the loss of nutrient composition, reduce the nutrient value of both.

4, meat of goose, rabbit does not eat instantly after eating an egg

The egg is returned cannot wait for the flesh with rabbit meat, goose kind eat together. Li Shizhen is in ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in say: “The egg becomes discharge dysentery with rabbit meat. “Because acid of Gan Han of flavour of rabbit meat sex is cold,that is, and egg pleasant Ping Weihan, both contains material of active of a few biology, feed in all can produce reaction, spur talk of intestines and stomach, cause diarrhoea.

 It how long is OK to eat an egg take medicine

5, turtle meat does not eat instantly after eating an egg

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Still have a lot of contraindication, because go lesser at ordinary times,can match and little-known. For instance, turtle flesh eats to also can bring about bromatoxism after eating an egg. And be bored with of grow of sex of turtle flesh itself, have a cold or inside body cold wet person is averageForum of Shanghai night net

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Do not eat. Add its sex Xian Ping, pregnant woman cannot eat with the person with the bad digestion after just giving birth to BB.

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